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IMG_3658If the Whalers want to make the playoffs this season, they have to win this morning.

No, that’s not an over-dramatization, the Whalers are two points behind the 8th place Spirit and with nine games remaining, they face Saginaw four times. That is a huge eight points needed to move up to the eight spot.

Can the Whalers win? The short answer, yes. The Whalers have been playing better hockey in the past ten games, going 5-4-1-0 while the Saginaw Spirit are currently licking their wounds from a 12-3 shellacking from the London Knights, and have choked to a 1-9-0-0 record in the past ten games.

The Whalers play Saginaw this morning before hosting them at Compuware Arena on Thursday. The other team in the mix is Windsor, and they face the Soo on Thursday. All I’m saying is that there is a decent chance that the Whalers can move up to the eighth spot by the end of Thursday’s game.

I’ll repeat it again. If the Whalers want to make the playoffs this season, they have to win this morning.



I find it hard to believe that he (Heard) will be sent back to Plymouth. I could be proven wrong. I never said I was always right, but I think Lake Erie wants to keep him. –Whalers On The Moon – October 9th, 2012

Ok, so I was proven wrong. Heard did get sent back to Plymouth at the most unusual time in the season. Then again, with the NHL Lockout, this season has been far from ordinary.

Remember when I said at the half way point of the season that the Whalers needed a spark to get them going in the second half? That happened on New Years Day when Lake Erie reassigned Mitchell Heard back to Plymouth to finish out the season.