The Standing Game: Ideal Results for 1/10/2015

Posted: January 10, 2015 in 2014-15, Playoffs, Whalers
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I saw this in the Detroit Red Wings subreddit and thought it would be perfect here. Here’s the idea:

The Standings Game is something I put together every day for this subreddit so we can keep track of our race to a playoff berth. It is essentially a list of the most ideal results for all NHL games (with respect to Detroit’s position in the standings) on a given night. I will only assign ideal outcomes to games that affect the Eastern Conference standings.

I will also make a note of which games are most important to our current situation in the standings. These will mostly be divisional games, however they can also include games where a team is threatening to remove us from a Wild Card position, or games with a significant statistical impact on Detroit’s playoff chances.

At the end of each night’s schedule, I will update the list with the actual results, as well as indicate how the game affected our statistical probability of making the playoffs. Games that have an insignificant or near-zero effect on our standings will be denoted with a +/-0.0% value. Games regarding teams that have already clinched a playoff berth or been statistically eliminated will not be listed, unless their opponent is of relevance to Detroit’s standings.

Please note that there might be some numbers that don’t quite make sense, or percentages that may change in the middle of an evening of games. I’ll do my best to update and explain these, but if anything seems off or confusing, feel free to ask!

Note: all ideal results are assumed to be regulation victories, unless otherwise noted.

So I will consult Sports Club Stats and try to show who we should root for as the Whalers try to dig out of the hole that they are in and make the playoffs for a 24th straight year.

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

  • Matchup | Ideal Result | Actual Result | Playoff % Effect
  • Windsor @ Kingston | Kingston Reg. Win |   Windsor 3 – Kingston 2  (OT) | -0.3%
  • North Bay @ Saginaw | North Bay Reg. Win | North Bay 3 – Saginaw 2  | +0.8%
  • Guelph @ Sarnia | Guelph Reg. Win | Guelph 3 – Sarnia 5 | -0.1%
  • SSM @ Plymouth | Plymouth Reg. Win | SSM 3 – Plymouth 0 | -1.2%

Plymouth Whalers Playoff Chance

  • Before Games: 5.5%
  • After Games: 3.9%
  • Change: -1.6%
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