Rumors Abound: High Level Talks Happening In Flint?

Posted: January 10, 2015 in 2014-15, News, Relocation

The discussion of the Plymouth Whalers being moved and/or sold has be the hot topic since team owner Pete Karmanos Jr. stated last May that if the attendance situation did not change in Plymouth, they would have to look at other options. Since then just about everyone and their mother knows somebody who has the inside scoop as witness by the tweets below.

The truth is that we will only know once something has been made official. As you remember Flint has been talked about as a new location even as early as last year. Well since then, some things have changed. A new ownership group has come in to take over the Arena and the talks are that they want to bring a team there. Sooner rather than later. At first there was talk that it was going to be a USHL Expansion team, now in the past week it has come around again that they are looking for an OHL team to start there in September 2015. ABC12 in Flint comes in with this video report. New owners at Perani Arena look into purchasing Ontario Hockey League team

This holds a little more weight when looking at the reports of a move, but still there is a lack of comment from the league and the Whalers.  Hold on to your seats Whaler fans, between now and when we have official news, this is going to be a roller coaster ride of rumor and speculation.


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