Nine Game Remaining; 14 Points To Go!

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Whalers

If there ever was a do-or-die game for the Whalers this season, this game would be it. The Whalers hold a five point lead in the standings going into this game and winning tonight will widen the gap.

No if Plymouth fails to win the game, their playoff chances are not over, they will just be harder to obtain. They would need 14 points in the last eight games of the season and with two of those games being against Erie and another two being against Windsor, the Whalers would have to hope for Kitchener to bomb their final eight games. That is possible as they face Guelph twice and London as they finish of the season. Simply put, the Whalers are in the drivers seat and only they have the power to keep themselves there.

Plymouth has beaten Kitchener twice this season, but neither of those times were at the Aud, but now it the time to take the season series. It would be one more tie-breaker that the Whalers would hold if they have to play a game 69.


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