Interesting: OHL Teams Rebranded

Posted: February 24, 2014 in 2013-14, Whalers

Here’s an interesting link. A user at submitted his version of  an OHL rebrand. User _nxche went through all twenty teams and also gave an explanation of his thought process for each team. His thoughts on Plymouth’s design?

You will see that I have relegated the Saginaw Spirit and rebranded them to a Canadian city, leaving but one team in Michigan! I’ve simplified the logo substantially, getting rid of clutter and giving the Whale stronger facial characteristics. The jerseys are clearly Hartford inspired, with a bit of a twist. Mainly, the home sleeves have a Red Wing-esque contrasting sleeve- which is fitting since Plymouth is a Detroit suburb. From what I’ve heard, the Whaler fans are very fond of their club and represent their city and state with pride over the border. So I thought it would be a clever idea to put something that symbolizes Michigan on their road jerseys, and opted to put a slight render of their state shield on the shoulder.

It’s different, I’ll say that, but I think I like the third jersey a little bit better. You can take a look at the forum post here.


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