Following Whalers Playoffs on the Road

Posted: March 22, 2013 in 2012-13, Editorial, OHL News, Whalers

I’ve been seeing this issue crop up more and more. People want to follow the Whalers on the road and are unsure of what options are available to them. Some are free, some cost, but here are three of the top choices for you.

OHL Livestream
If you want to watch the OHL road games on the playoffs you can always watch them on your computer through Neulion. This option will cost though. $130 CAD for the entire playoffs, $23 CAD for a single first round series, and $7 CAD for a single game. You can sign up for a package at

It is a nice service, but unless you tie your computer feed to your TV, you are stuck at your computer. I hope that in the next year or so they find a way to have mobile streams of games so people can view the games with tablets and smart phones, until then we will take what we can get.

Audio Streaming
I personally use this feature the most, and I am going to give you step by step instructions to get this working for you on your mobile smart device.

1. Copy this link:
2. Go download the app TuneIn Radio. (The free one works just fine.)
3. In the app head to favorites and add custom URL.
4. Paste the link and enjoy!

A third option is to come join a bunch of fans at CJ’s to watch a Livestream of the game and enjoy food and drink specials there.

Whatever you decide, you have your options to follow your favorite team during their playoff run this year.


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