Mike Vellucci Chats With Freep.com

Posted: September 19, 2012 in 2012-13, OHL News, Whalers
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Mike Vellucci was the guest of a live chat courtesy of the Detroit Free Press. It really is in interesting read and I highly recommend reading the full transcript.

Here are some of the highlights of today’s chat.

  • When asked how Colin MacDonald compares to former Whaler captains… Well we will have to wait and see. He is a great kid and very mature for his age. He works hard on and off the ice. The best is that he was a 15th rd pick of ours and has work so hard to just make the team and get better. He is a driven player.
  • Not expecting Heard, Levi, or Wedgewood back this year at all.
  • About Simon Karlsson… He got all the way here and was sent back home. He did not have proper paperwork. He should be here next week.
  • When asked what he would say to NHL fans affected by the lock out…Come watch us play you wont be dissapointed!!! I am as frustrated as they are. I love watching my old players play.
  • Albertini was sent back to Junior B.
  • Asked about Plymouth ever hosting the Memorial Cup…I am not sure we meet the criteria. I would never say never because Mr. K is such a huge supporter of Major Jr Hockey. He later stated that part of the criteria included lack of seating as the main reason and lack of hotel space near the rink.
  • When asked about Compuware Arena rink upgrades…The arena is only 16 years old and I like it alot. It is way louder than Windsor or London. We have looked at a new video sign.
  • Broadcasting of Whalers games… Comcast will be doing some live games this year. I think about 10. We have been trying to get our away games broadcast back here on Comcast for a few years. We are making some ground.
    • EDITOR’S NOTE: Sources with knowledge of Schoolcraft College Sports Network has told me that the final number of live home games will be closer to 5 due to conflicts between Comcast and SCSN, but this is a huge step for the Whalers and their broadcast partners.
  • Best nickname on the team… Curcuruto his is Chinner
  • Winterfest and the lock out…It will not go if there is no Winter Classic.
  • Who keeps the locker room loose? Willy, Miller, Whaley to name a few. Oh I almost forgot Muers. He makes me laugh.

Overall a good look into the upcoming season for the Whalers. The season starts for the Whalers this Friday in the Soo and the Whalers head back to Plymouth to host the Belleville Bulls in their home opener.

  1. Katie M. says:

    “Not expecting Heard, Levi, or Wedgewood back this year at all.”? Say it ain’t so.

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