2012 Whalers Alumni Game [UPDATED]

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Whalers

This past weekend the Plymouth Whalers hosted an alumni game to raise money for Gleaners Food Bank. This is the third alumni in Whalers history with the first coming before the 2009-10 season to celebrate the Whalers 20th anniversary, and the next held before the 2010-11 season to raise money for Autism Awareness.

The roster ranged with players who started off with the organization when they were known as the Detroit Compuware Ambassadors, through the days of the Jr. Red Wings and finishing up with players as recent as last season.

Goalies Team Blue Team White
30 G Matt Hackett 2007-10 2 RW J.D. Eaton 1990-93 3 C Mark Cadotte 1995-97
33 G Bill Ruggiero 1999-00 3 D Shaun Fisher 1997-00 5 D Scott Fletcher 2008-09
35 G Larry Sterling 2000-01 5 D Duane Harmer 1993-95 7 RW Jared Boll 2005-07
8 D James Sheehan 1990-92 9 LW John Vigilante 2002-06
9 C Tyler Seguin 2008-10 12 LW AJ Jenks 2006-10
Coaches 10 RW Ryan Hayes 2007-10 15 C Damian Surma 1998-02
Team Blue 12 LW Tyler G. Brown 2007-11 16 LW Mike Morrone 1994-97
Pat Peake – 1990-93 17 LW Jeff Gardiner 1990-92 17 LW Peter Neal 2008-11
Kirky Scott 18 D Jesse Boulerice 1995-98 19 LW James Neal 2003-07
Team White 19 LW Jamie Devane 2008-12 20 D Jason Lawmaster 1996-98
Joe McCann – 2005-08 20 C Chris Terry 2005-09

The day started off with an autograph session allowing many fans to meet and chat with the alumni. The good news is that the line kept moving, the downside is that not everybody got a chance to get autographs during the 90 minute autograph session. That said, James Neal and Jared Boll stepped up and stayed past allotted time to sign autographs for the fans.

The games were split up into two 25-minute periods and a shootout to end the game. Matt Hackett showed his skills for Team White, helping them take an 8-2 lead into the first half. Team Blue surged back to make it a close game, but Team White won 11-8. Jesse Boulerice scored a hat trick to lead Team White. James Neal and Mark Cadotte scored two each for Team White.

Chris Terry scored a hat trick and Ryan Hayes netted two goals, making up five of the eight goals scored for Team Blue.

Team Blue ended up taking the shootout by a score of 4-2. Mike Morrone and Mark Cadotte scored for Team White. Duane Harmer, James Sheehan, Chris Terry and J.D. Eaton lit the lamp for Team Blue.

In the off-season when there is very little happening in the hockey world between the NHL Entry Draft and rookie camps, this is a great event to help get people ready for the upcoming hockey season.

It was a fun event for the fans that came out. The players enjoyed themselves on and off the ice, and the best part of it, was helping raise money and canned good donations for Gleaners Food Bank.

The biggest highlight for me was catching a heartwarming moment with John Vigilante and a fan his nephew (See update below). A young baby was wearing Vigilante’s jersey from when he was playing in Italy. John noticed this during warmups and skated over to give a wave to the young fan his nephew.

While we are hoping for another alumni game next year, I did see one suggestion on Twitter that I thought could be cool if it could be pulled off. @TWHarry had the suggestion of a Whalers vs. Spitfires Alumni Game. Do I think that it will happen anytime soon? Nope, but it is fun to imagine what the lineups would be for such an event.

Update: Follow up on the John Vigilante story. That was his nephew and his first hockey game.

  1. Kevin Wolff says:

    Nice article. Did not know the Vigilante story though I saw him skate over and wave to the boy. Louis at whalertown.blogspot.com covered the game as well, for a 10 year old’s perspective on the game. Actually Louis is in the first photo with the Hartford Whalers hat. I am Louis’ dad, Kevin.

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